POP: Methodology Experiment One is a game that you can play on a computing machine and be confused about

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2012 IndieCade Finalist 2012 IGF Nuovo Honorable Mention 2012 Fantastic Arcade Selection 2012 Rezzed LeftField Collection 2012 GDC Onlive Indie Showcase 2012 A-MAZE Festival Semi Finalist

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POP: Methodology Experiment One is an experimental game devised by Rob Lach. The design of POP was conceived using an experimental approach: first creating the music and then designing the games according to the emotive properties of that music. POP utilizes this altered development methodology to explore the boundaries of game structure and the philosophical context of games. The game ultimately consists of a disjointed series of interactive vignettes coupled together with confusing video transitions leading to an erratic and intense experience.

To properly embrace the emotional response to the music, Rob Lach forced himself to design each interactive vignette by sticking with the first concept that came into his head while producing each song. Furthermore, each game design was only iterated enough for acceptable functionality, hoping to minimize the diluting effects of excessive refinement and allow for the glimpse at a rawer creative output.

Playing through POP is an intense and unique experience, constantly changing in style and mechanics. You will be emotionally confused and mentally exhausted.

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  • DRM Free
  • XP or Later
  • 1GB of Memory
  • 100MB of Storage
  • OpenGL 2.0 Device
  • Keyboard + Mouse
  • Joypad Support


  • DRM Free
  • OSX 10.8 or Later
  • 1GB of Memory
  • 100MB of Storage
  • OpenGL 2.0 Device
  • Keyboard + Mouse
  • "Joypad Support"

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